Hey Curly Whirlies!!!

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I love to empower or enlighten people with goin natural because it truly is a refreshing phase to go through especially after you chop your hair off. There is nothing like that feeling of positive and self acceptance during that change. It is not an easy journey but is worth it!
I am also growing in my spiritual mentality. This has also been an amazing journey to grow to be so positive about life and acceptance of myself and flaws. We may deal with people on a daily but we deal with ourselves all the time, so it is important to have peace within.
Beauty hmmm….what is beauty? Well beauty is enchanting, attractive, and most importantly becoming. We grow to be beautiful people. Then there is attractive: yes ladies we must look our best to show how spectacular we feel on the inside. Beauty is important to me because it is expression of who I am.
I am new to living healthier and it is a struggle for me as a mother and wife. Everyone else wants lasagna and fried chicken and I struggle to choose something that is more convenient to my body.